Eso same weapon in both slots

eso same weapon in both slots

I really just want two ability bars, but it forces me to equipped another weapon for secondary. I only have one sword and shield I use not two. I don't see why not.:) It's probably rarely a good idea, though. I could see switching a fire and an ice sword in a battle with both ice and fire. Could be a good idea, more options, same weapons. Nick Konkle have stated in ESO Alliance 2 that it takes two seconds for weapon swap. eso same weapon in both slots I still want to try to be a pure ranged dps so: When enemies glow red, it means that the attack they are using or are about to use can be interrupted. Maybe one bar for dots and one bar for burst damage as Nightblade. Which I think will be possible, considering how the trait panel is set up. Mouse combat has 4 functions:.

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It's rather impractical though. Foundry Team About Tamriel Foundry Contact Us Entropy Rising Gamer Launch. Remember me Forgot your password? My main concern is how much of a delay there is in the switch of weapons. I believe you can do this.

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I AM LEGEND GANZER FILM DEUTSCH I wouldn't use it for both bars, not much reason to. No clue if it will work tho, what does call mean in poker I havent tried it or read about it. Originally Posted by Kith As that would be manipulating combat-related activities during combat, i'm going to say it probably won't be doable as its an open avenue for potential automation. Member Stats Members Activity. So, if you plan on using the same weapon for both actionbars, you have to make smiley games of that weapon every time you make a new one. Also, it makes the most sense and keeps the exploits .
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Eso same weapon in both slots Forums Home Recent Topics. I was never answered this in my thread I believe. Lord Takahashi - GTAO: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I was doing this with my sorc. Click to perform a light attack. Basically I think you can, but I don't see why you .


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