Superman in krypton

superman in krypton

Superman, der Held vom Planeten Krypton hatte seinen ersten Erden-Auftritt im Juni. Deleted Krypton scene from " Superman Returns" with John Williams score. The answers to this question are all about Superman's superpowers on Earth compared with other visitors from Krypton ; I'm asking about Kal El.

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In the early comics' version of Krypton, Superman 's parents were named "Jor-L" and "Lora" changed to the more familiar " Jor-El " and " Lara " by the end of the s. Robots and computers were used for many tasks on Krypton, even for determining what career paths young Kryptonians would take as they grew up. Atomic Skull Bizarro Brainiac Codename: The architecture features halls of white crystal under crystalline arches. The Man of Steel and Superman: The Silver Age Superman was not alone in the survival of Krypton's destruction, being joined by his cousin Supergirl , the Phantom Zone criminals, Beppo the super- monkey , Krypto the Superdog , a juvenile delinquent named Dev-Em , and the entire population of the city of Kandor.


Kal El leaving Krypton

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