Rules of ice hockey

rules of ice hockey

Offensively, he might start his team down the ice with a pass, but seldom does he leave the net. Defensemen: These players try to stop the incoming play at their. If you're new to the game, here is a brief and simple guide to the basic ice hockey rules, equipment and terms. You may not be familiar with ice hockey rules if you don't live where it's cold. These basic rules will make hockey simple for beginners. rules of ice hockey Game Misconduct Penalties The player is suspended for the remainder of the game and depending on the severity of the penalty, will receive additional suspension. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Paypal geld aufladen and Privacy Policy. When an offside violation occurs, the linesman blows the play dead, and a faceoff is conducted in the neutral zone. Whilst each player will be given a position, the players are free to move around the ice as they choose. Each team can have a maximum squad of 18 players, with 2 'apprentices'.


Hockey 101 - The Basic Rules of Hockey

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